lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Queridos amigos, pronto les entregaré este texto traducido al español.

Dear Friends!

This painting is one of my latest paintings. It is called Abundance.

All my work is destined for that topic.

I had some extremely intense weeks:

If you allow the vibration of life just work through you - all the obstacles that block that vibration within you – on all levels – are coming up.

You get confronted with them -

By bad feelings that come up inside of you –

By people around you that reflect that topic.

That has been intense over the last weeks.

The wonderful thing about it is – that I have been happy all that time – even in the darkest moments – because I could feel that love working through me – and I was identifying with that love.

My main focus – my heart was with that vibration of life within – and at the same time – all kinds of feelings and thoughts appeared – within me – and within the people around me.

The magic for me now is – that some of this people around me – got into that same state of recognition:

And now we are more that are able to play that game of complete trust in love and life – and in each other. We together break that prison of illusion and practically live another reality.

That is the new thing – we are family of love – and we confront – ourselves and the ones around us – changing that real darkness within – called judgment.

The only real thing is just the rhythm of life – breath itself – the love that breathes through you and keeps you alive.

The rest is illusion – it comes and goes.

If you take a close look to those recognitions – those decisions you seem to make –you find out – that most of them are based on judgment. They create separation.

There is such a simple experience I am into:

If you put your attention just in the feeling heart – and explore that rhythm that is keeping you alive – and allow that rhythm to take you were it wants to -

If you allow that rhythm to touch your brain – then you automatically let go of thinking – let go of thoughts. And then you naturally are without judgments.

Friends it is so easy: There is no work needed. It is just about allowing that love to touch you everywhere:

When that breath touches the brain – the forehead – that inner eye opens inside of you – your thoughts disappear – your attention becomes one – you end up in oneness.

You are in the Now. You are awake. You are in the light.

That is it.

From all my experiences – being many hours in that state - this planet – this life on this planet called earth – is going to evolve into that state. A consciousness of separation is going to disappear because the vibration of this planet is to intense to allow an illusionary life – constantly thinking about past or future.

The work we offer is to train you to be in that new dimension.

Be aware of that rhythm inside and identify with it – because this is the only real thing.

Where will you go when all that illusion disappears – like a computer program – destroyed by a virus. That happens now – jus look around.

We learn to communicate out of that experience. It is totally simple – it is free from any kinds of tricks or secret knowledge. It is so simple.

To communicate through the heart is so simple.

The Soulstar is just the matrix – the magnetic field – the computer program of reality.

It is there – it is not created.

There is no manipulation in that - t so pure – so simple.

I just love it.

The ceremonies – the medicine is such a holy gift. It has helped me so much getting rid of all that blockages in my physical body. It has made me so much younger – so much more alive.

It is a gift from mother earth – kept as a secret by native Indians – since thousands of years.

Of course it has been – and is misused.

But again – if you let the heart go the way – there is no misuse.

Just be in the heart and feel that life within.

And have a wonderful time

- Even in the midst of the thunderstorm.

Be free – from everything –

And most of all from You-

The You of your thoughts and imaginations.

What I talk about is a practical experience.

Welcome to Seminars – Soulstar Evenings and Ceremonies!

Johannes 1st of August 2010

Johannes & Anna & Lydia

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